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Fire extinguishers for the office, home and car

As a manufacturer of fire fighting and rescue equipment we know that in case of life saving products the measure of quality is their efficiency and reliability. For this reason our customers always get high quality products at competitive prices.

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These are primarily various types of portable and mobile fire extinguishers and floating pumps from the NIAGARA series. Select the product you are interested in and check out more details. If you are interested, please contact us.


We want our products to be as close as possible to all customers. That is why we cooperate with Authorised Distributors all over Poland. Sales in wholesale and retail quantities. Find out where to buy fire extinguishers.


The fire extinguisher can be serviced and repaired in one of the Authorised Service Centres in the whole country. An extensive network provides easy access to service or purchase of a new extinguisher. Check where to service the extinguishers.

OGNIOCHRON S.A. is an unquestionable leader on the market of portable fire extinguishing equipment in Poland, known and present also in other European Union countries, where it systematically strengthens its position.

Today, OGNIOCHRON means mainly mobile and portable fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing units and devices containing from 1kg to 250kg of extinguishing agent and floating pumps.

Our products protect and save property, often human lives.

Therefore, they must be reliable, easy to use and effective when needed.

We are aware of this and know how to achieve it - that is why our customers choose products of proven quality.

We've been proud of their trust for so many years. That's a commitment.

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