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The fire-fighting device is used for extinguishing of fire at its source. Low weight, universality, application of ecologic and non-toxic extinguishing agent and simple operation enable using of device by adult persons without special training.


Przeznaczenie urządzenia

Podstawowe cechy

Simply operation.
Valve construcion enables temporary breaking of extinguishing.
Possibility of multiple filling.

Jakość i bezpieczeństwo

Manufactured according to requirements of domestic and EU markets on the basis of certified quality system ISO 9001.



Dane techniczne
Weight of extinguishing agent
0,7 l
Working agent
Total weight
1,7 kg
Fire under voltage
1000 V 
Total height
288 mm
Cylinder diameter 90 mm

1000 V lub 245000 V*
Extinguishing device Home Fireman
Home Fireman
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