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Extinguishing device designed for extinguishing of devices sensitive to dust and impurities. Special design of nozzle eliminates the phenomenon of thermal shock. Particularly recommended for protection of electronic devices, including computers, switching stations and control boards, server rooms etc. This device does not leave any residue of extinguishing agent.


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Podstawowe cechy

Easy and ergonomic operation.
Safe for electronic devices (eliminated phenomenon of thermal shock).
New generation of light, steel cylinder.
Economical maintenance and service.
Valve equipped with bursting disc.
Construction of the valve enables temporary interruption of extinguishing.
Cylinder of extinguisher covered with polyester paint, resistant to UV radiation.

Jakość i bezpieczeństwo

Safe for electronic devices (eliminated phenomenon) of thermal shock caused by application of carbon dioxide (normal carbon dioxide extinguishers) and has a positive opinion of The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) in Warszawa.

Dane techniczne
Weight of extinguishing agent 2 kg
Working agent
Operation time 6 s
Cylinder test pressure 250 bar
Operating temperature -20 oC / +60 oC
Total weight 8,1 kg
Fire under voltage 1000 V
Total height 543 mm
Cylinder diameter 105 mm
1000 V lub 245000 V*
Extinguishing device 2kg GSE-2x
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