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Designed for protection of warehouses for flammable gases, paints, varnishes and other flammable liquids, industrial halls, power and chemical plants as well as underground mining excavations.


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Podstawowe cechy

Easy and ergonomic operation.
Fast and effective in extinguishing.
Economical maintenance and service.
Cut-off valve behind the pressure indicator makes control of fire extinguisher easier.
Construction of the valve enables temporary interruption of extinguishing.
Possibility of multiple refilling.
Cylinder of fire extinguisher covered with polyester paint, resistant to UV radiation.

Jakość i bezpieczeństwo

Manufactured according to requirements of domestic and EU markets on the basis of certified quality system ISO 9001. Fulfills requirements of European Standard EN3 and Safety Directive PED 2014/68/UE.



Dane techniczne
Extinguishing efficiency
55A 233B C
Weight of extinguishing agent
9 kg
Working agent
Operation time
15 s
Cylinder test pressure
27 bar
Operation pressure
15 bar
Operating temperature
-30 oC / +60 oC
Total weight
14 kg
Fire under voltage
1000 V 
Total height
588 mm
Cylinder diameter 185 mm

1000 V lub 245000 V*
Powder extinguisher 9kg GP-9x ABC/MP
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