“x”-type extinguishers

Scope of service operations during annual inspection stored pressure extinguishers (“x”-type)

Before commencing of service operations it is necessary to identify the extinguisher as first, checking permanent markings on cylinder and comparing them with data on extinguisher’s label.
Then, following operations are to be performed:
1. check general conditions of fire extinguisher:
- condition of protections of fire extinguisher (seal, cotter pin),
- condition of cylinder,
- legibility of label,
- condition of the valve,
- manometer reading (pointer should be in the green area),
- patency and condition of the hose with snow horn (if available in this type of extinguisher). 
2. By means of the service manometer check pressure inside the cylinder (in case of extinguishers manufactured before year 2000 check the proper operation of manometer being the part of extinguisher).
3. Check condition and amount of extinguishing powder. (Checking is possible without necessity of removing the valve)
4. Confirm performed operations by means of a service stick attached to extinguisher.
The service stick should include following data:
- name and address of service plant,
- name and surname of technician,
- date of inspection (month / year);
- date of repair (month / year);
- date of next inspection (month / year).
After performed inspection it is necessary to mark the date of its realization and date of next inspection.
Attaching the service stick the Authorized Service Shop confirms that extinguisher is in good technical condition and that it fulfills requirements of appropriate standards (mentioned on the label of fire extinguisher).

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